Calibration Service

Calibration Sticker

Instantel recommends annual calibration for all seismographs and sensors. This ensures the instrumenation is in working order and the that sensors are within recommend specifications.

There are two options for calibration

  1. uWave Monitoring Systems will request the RMA (Return Material Authorization) on your behalf. uWave can track the RMA along with you and provide assistance if necessary. Download the uWave calibration request form
  2. You may also obtain your own RMA by going to Instantel's RMA portal.

Information you will need to have your instruments calibrated:

  • Serial Number (Example: UM12345)
  • Model (Example: Micromate)
  • A Return Shipping Address
  • Return Carrier Information – If you have a corporate shipping account with a carrier (UPS, Dicom, etc), please let us know. We would be happy to return your equipment using your preferred carrier. Otherwise, we will use one of our preferred carriers.
Instantel Service and Calibration